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Hello everyone!

Due to the fact that my sewing machine has exploded became extremely faulty and dangerous to use, I’m afraid that I’m unable to produce anymore items for the time being.

If you have ordered any items, and would like to check the status of the order, please email me at lennelenne [at]

I promise that I will try my best to steal borrow a sewing machine and finish any ongoing orders.

Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

Love, Lenne.


Preorder II is closed!

I’d like to thank you all for your support!
The items have been mailed out (:

If you missed the photoshoot, it’s up here.

No new items for now, I need to clear the rather long list of Zippermouth orders first.
Therefore, orders for Zippermouths are now closed until I finish the current batch.

You can try your luck with the accessories though! :D
I’ll try to make as many as I can as long as I have time.

Revamp + Bloggers’ Promotion

Hello all!

I rearranged the site to make navigation more convenient. Added the respective sections, reflected certain changes and so on.

I’m also glad to have heard from a couple of people who took part in the Fringed Zip Necklace preorder, I hope that the necklaces reached everyone safely!

I have a new item completed already- so watch out for a new preorder!
I’m just waiting for a proper shoot for the item :D

I’ve also moved all my blogs, except this one, to
You’re welcome to take a look (:

I’m currently offering bloggers who blog about paperpatterns 10% discount as well as free (local) postage, regardless of weight, as well as a little something for your blog readers.
(Interested bloggers who are not from Singapore will get goodies too!)

If you’re interested, mail me at lennelenne[at] with your blog address to find out more about the terms and conditions.
(Blogs are subject to my approval, etc.)

Hurry and mail me before promotion ends!

xoxo lenne

Fringed Zip Necklace Preorder: Closed

Hello everyone!

The preorder is now closed.
A huge thank you to everyone who ordered! ‚ô•

I have a couple of designs for accessories/bags in mind, so join our mailing list or watch our updates!


Updates + New item

Hello everyone,

Due to my extremely hectic school life, I’ve decided to release items for limited time only.
I may also introduce instocks, keep watching this space!

Thank you for all the support thus far, and every single customer who purchased one of my skirts, or showed an interest.
I doubt my skirts will make a reappearance for a long time to come, haha.

The first item being sold under this new “system” is the Fringed Zip Necklace.

Do take a look before preorder closes!


Facebook Group!

Join today & spread the love!

paperpatterns is currently taking orders for zippermouth bags, so hurry and send yours in today!

short hiatus!

I’m sorry everyone, but I’m going on a holiday!
I’ll definitely be back before my poly school term starts, and hopefully i’ll be back with a couple of instocks!

However, continue to send those inquiries and orders in!!
I’ll take awhile to get through them but I WILL, ASAP!
I’ll reply your emails as soon as I can as well, so don’t let this deter you!

xoxo, Lenne.



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