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paperpatterns is currently taking orders for zippermouth bags, so hurry and send yours in today!




Hello! I take a brief break from my vacation to bring you Zippermouths in the form of pouches!
Zom can fit your essential items such as handphone, wallet, keys. It also protects your belongings as it is lined and padded.
Zom measures at a diameter of 22cm. (You can request for a different size!)

A Zippermouth the size of Zom costs SGD$30 (inclusive of local postage).
Comment on this page or email for a quote today!

Zippermouths: Taking over one bedroom at a time.

Before you purchase any items, please read our Terms and Conditions.

short hiatus!

I’m sorry everyone, but I’m going on a holiday!
I’ll definitely be back before my poly school term starts, and hopefully i’ll be back with a couple of instocks!

However, continue to send those inquiries and orders in!!
I’ll take awhile to get through them but I WILL, ASAP!
I’ll reply your emails as soon as I can as well, so don’t let this deter you!

xoxo, Lenne.



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Zippermouth is paperpatterns’ very own line of bags!

Zippermouths are extremely customizable! Pick a color you like, suggest a shape for the bag, choose how big you want it, wear it as either a messenger bag or backpack, choose to have one without straps.. the possibilities are endless.

Zippermouths are padded and lined, making them useful for carrying all kinds of items: ranging from books to a laptop, or even ball-jointed dolls!

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