1. Body measurements can be taken over basic clothing.
  2. In the case of horizontal (white dotted lines) measurements, the measuring tape should be securely covering the required body part. (Secure, not tight!)
    i.e: you use the measuring tape to go once around your entire body. Not only measuring your front or only measuring your back!
  3. In the case of vertical (black dot to dot) measurements, just hold the tape against your body and measure the distance between the two points.
  4. Do not add any increased measurements for fit.
  5. All measurements in either cm or inches.
  • If you’d like your skirt to begin at the waist, or at exactly where your hip is, please omit the “where the skirt begins” measurement. In such cases, do indicate if you’d like it to start at your waist/hips.
  • As reference:
    The vertical measurements needed usually include the waist/where the skirt begins to hips, hips to bottom, waist/where the skirt begins to where the skirt ends measurements.

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